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  • Engineering Success- YP

    Every month
    Helping Young People (17-21 yrs) thrive in times of change.
    • All of the features listed above.
  • Engineering Success

    Every month
    Helping you Lead others, Campaign for what you love and find Freedom of thought.
    • All the features listed above

The wider effect of Rob's work to help men thrive.

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'I will help you catch your fish.'

What are you looking for?

'Rob has given me the tools required to manage my team effectively and to overcome all issues in the future.'

The S.H.E.R.P.A Principles 

Part of every coaching journey

Working in service of the person you want to be and take meaningful steps towards this goal.


Helping defend the health you have whilst defining and creating the health you want. 


Working with you to embrace all elements of yourself and use them to your advantage.


We will work together to develop your inner role model - the ultimate expression of you.


Helping you to learn how to love what you do and develop the skills need to thrive.


Going into action with the knowledge, skills and confidence to create whatever you want. 

'Every session with Rob was a joy, even looking at difficult bits of me in a completely safe and non-judgemental environment.'


How can Rob help?

  • He listens to men like nobody else.

  • Helps to clarify emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

  • Uses analogies so men see themselves and what they are facing from new perspectives.

  • Provides simple yet effective tools to help men get past internal obstacles and gain forward traction.

  • Stands with them in the good and the challenging times.

  • Sets men up to control what they can control.

  • Helps them be the Leaders they dream to be. 

  • Supports them to live purposeful lives using The Six Principles of Sherpa Bear Coaching.

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