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What I do

I work with people who want to have more confidence in their decisions and suffer less from anxious thoughts and limiting beliefs.


I work with leaders, founders and a small number of pro-bono clients who are all challenged by their own internal obstacles.


I help my clients thrive by turning their focus and attention back onto themselves. They learn to embrace all aspects of their character as they become more confident, focused and resilient through the work I do.

"The positive impact on my family and relationship has been the biggest shift for me."

Someone having a coaching call

What will it be like?

You are going to enjoy learning about yourself and finding that the answers lie within you.

I use analogies, metaphors and stories to help unpack your thoughts and I like to be creative and have fun.

Coaching is a process I help my clients fall in love with, coupled with a sense of ease and comfort that they are being listened to and understood without judgement.

"I invested in myself for the first time and I will never forget my journey. I can't recommend Rob enough."

We will make a good team if. . 

  • You are ready to invest in the one thing you and everyone else in your life relies upon.

  • You want to have more motivation to do what is truly important to you.

  • You want to loosen the grip of anxiety and create more freedom.

  • You want to craft your life rather than just be a passenger to what happens.

  • You are ready to engineer the success you crave for yourself.

Rob at Warbarrow Bay

"It's been such a rediculous transformation"

My 3 Core Values

My values

I strive to be the best Leader to myself and others.

I come alive when there is an important Campaign or mission to complete.

My Freedom is born out of impartiality and listening.


These form the stepping stones which help me live out my purpose as The Sherpa Bear.


I am inspired to work with people who have an important journey to navigate and want to become the ultimate leader in their own life.

Read some coaching case studies

To find out what coaching with me can be like, you can read the case studies from some of my clients.

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The first step

If you are thinking of investing in your own personal development it's important to collaborate with the right person.


To find out if working with me is the right fit for you, book a free call. 

Ask all the questions you want about coaching.

Use the form opposite to provide some information about what you would like help with. 

I look forward to talking with you. 

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