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Coaching Case Studies

Your journey with Rob with take its own path but perhaps you would like to read more about the impact his work has had.
"Rob doesn't tell you the answer but coachhes you to find you and what you want. It was an amazing experience and I am forever grateful. Proper life changing."
Current Male Client

“I had reached a point in my life where I felt like I was successful and there was more success available in front of me but I was not deriving the amount of joy I expected from that success. Also, I had crossed off a lot of main checkpoints in my life and I wanted to think about what the next thirty years could look like.

Working with you (Rob) very quickly helped me establish that there was more I wanted to work on that just my career and so we have been exploring personal relationships. . .I feel like I am more aware of how I interact with my friends and family and I have already started to make some of those relationships stronger and more successful and that has had a very positive impact on my life. 

At work I have become more resilient and better able to handle to the challenges and opportunities during the last year. The ideas I have developed have had a direct, immediate and positive impact on my place of work and have been recognised by senior management. 

Working with you over the first six months has already helped me improve my personal and professional life and given me the tools to continue to improve those areas.  

I look very much forward to what the future holds by working with you.”

Henry Gill
"Working with Rob has been a very rewarding experience. He has challenged each of us and shown us how we are able to work more effectively both individually and as a team. With his encouragement we have fostered a much stronger sense of working together, with ‘family’ now one of our three core values. At the outset I wasn’t sure what to expect, and the questions he asks are rarely easy, but as our fortnightly group meetings come to an end, I am certain the business is now in a better place."
Rowan Wikohika

"I've been meeting regularly with Rob over the last few months and he has been instrumental in my entrepreneurial journey providing a sounding board and accountability to personal and professional milestones. Without his guidance and sheer ability to listen, digest and provide qualitative feedback, I would say I wouldn't be in the position I'm in today. If you're a business person looking for personal mentorship and someone to provide clarity and perspective as you traverse the entrepreneurial landscape, Rob is your man."

"Rob doesn't tell you the answer but coachhes you to find you and what you want. It was an amazing experience and I am forever grateful. Proper life changing."
Paul Riste

"Life coaching is a bespoke coaching experience and journey. This is not therapy! It’s not tree hugging & it’s not a prescribed scripted course with a workbook. Think more of personal training for your mind and soul. The coach isn’t going to do it for you, but will guide you through a life changing experience. It is an organic process of discussion, reflection, powerful questions and self-searching to find who you want to be and how to begin the never-ending journey to get there using relevant challenges to help create the shift. Rob helps guide you along a meandering path and helps you accept that it's ok. Analysing your inner voices and different characters and finding their strengths and weaknesses and how your inner team can carry you to be who you want to be. I had been through counselling and CBT courses prior to this, and although they helped identify why I wasn’t happy and gave me structure and coping mechanisms, they didn’t help me change, grow or be happy being me. Every session with Rob was a joy, even looking at difficult bits of me. Completely safe and non-judgemental environment. Meeting and talking in the fresh air was also a great element, helping to connect with nature and improve mindfulness. I am totally indebted to Rob for the coaching which is definitely for life."

Pip Hare Single Handed Ocean Racer

"Rob is an insightful, intuitive and professional coach, who has enabled me to grow within my roles both as the CEO of a new business and as a professional athlete.


His sessions bring focus to a world that is spinning fast around me, his methods allow me to identify and then triage the many demands of my day to day life; helping me understand where to place my energy, how to grow as an individual and support my business growth and objectives. Rob has a great ability to question difficult subjects without confrontation and to support me as a client to make my own conclusions and see a clearer path forwards.


Robs methodology supports the growth of his clients, it is considered and his sessions are well planned, productive but by no means easy.


I would be more than happy to endorse Rob Stewart to anyone who is looking to grow or develop themselves as individuals, within a business role or to help a business thrive."

"The transformation in myself and my life, thanks to Rob has been astonishing. Rob is an exceptional coach, I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to be coached by him. All that I learnt in my  development has filtered through in my business and personal ventures. Once you get over the hurdles and reach your ambitions anything is achievable. I recommend anyone to take the opportunity to work with Rob, it might just help you find the right path you want to follow in life.” 
Alexander Moss

"Rob is a fantastic and compassionate coach, who took me on a coaching journey that lead to empowerment and liberation within myself. He worked with me to broaden my own understanding of self and purpose, helping me become significantly more productive, self confident and less stressed.

I would encourage anyone to begin their coaching journey with Rob."

Joe Sharland

"Robs Coaching has been instrumental in figuring out our company's values.
and has set us on a path to success, and to achieving all of our ambitions.
Rob has given me the tools required to manage my team effectively and to overcome all issues in the future."



"I had a lot of self- doubt and felt like I was treading water. Maybe a better analogy is like spinning my wheels because I felt like I was trying really hard. . .and I felt quite a strong emotion, quite a lot of feelings, quite a lot of strong negative feelings and anxiety and desire for change but not achieving it all.


I didn’t know what coaching was going to be like to be honest. One thing that stands out which is probably a good thing is that you (Rob) stand out. I don’t feel as though the experience would have been the same with other coaches.


I have a lot of experience with therapy and therapists and that dynamic and support groups and things like that. One thing that stands out about you is that you are a noticeably supportive listener. You providing feedback on the way to visualise and the way to think about things instead of just the conclusion at the end really stands out to me, it really stands out to me. It’s not about fixing a problem, it’s around changing a mindset and it’s more of an investment in me as opposed to just a problem.


Since coaching I have a job that I really like and my performance at work is noticeably different and could be consequentially worse without coaching.


I am a lot more settled overall, I’m a lot calmer. I have way less anxiety and it just makes life a lot less stressful. I am a lot better at getting in front of my emotional response when in conflict. It really is the tools that I am bringing into that situation are different.


The way that you listen and the way that you participate in the conversation, what stands out is that you offer feedback that helps me to better understand myself.


You are very easy to trust, and it is again because of the way that you listen that you are very easy to trust. It’s very easy to be open and vulnerable quite quickly."

Claire Stokes

"I've really struggled to write this review. It's hard to find the words to explain how amazing my walk with the Sherpa Bear was. It's actually made me feel quite emotional (in a good way) to look back at what I have achieved!!


My six month walk with the Sherpa Bear was the most a breath-taking experience, from start to finish!

I had heard of life coaching but never really knew exactly what it involved. With some research and discussions with Rob, I realised this was a perfect time for me to find out what life coaching was all about.

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


I really liked that I was able to choose where I had my sessions which always put me at ease.

The beach was my chosen place and that worked well for me, so I knew I would always gain the most out of my sessions.

Being on the beach I was able to draw symbols in the sand which gave me a pictorial reference to what we were exploring, this I photographed or videoed so I could use to refer back to when I needed.


The Sherpa Bear gave me tools to think outside the box, I found my inner confidence again and I discovered 'me'!

I learnt that I was always accountable to myself, for everything we discussed and what I wanted to put into action.

I invested in myself for the first time and I will never forget my journey.


I can't recommend Rob, The Sherpa Bear enough.

Rob is professional, affable and a marvellous life coach!"


"I’ve been regularly seeing Rob since December 2020 after I recognised that I needed support in making the transition from ‘busy business owner’ to semi-retired.  I had not anticipated the difficulty in this big life transition and couldn’t find my way through it easily.  I felt demotivated, tired and found it difficult to visualise my happy future that I had worked so hard to achieve.


I had used coaching previously both for personal and commercial development and I reached out to my GP for a recommendation, who put me in touch with Rob.


I knew the fit was ideal from the beginning, Rob spoke my language using film/music/sport examples that I could fully relate to.  I have found Rob to be an excellent listener, often thought provoking and able to unlock beliefs and feelings long since buried, in a motivating and dynamic way.


For me, the most valuable aspect of Rob’s coaching has been putting logical thought to emotional subjects.  It’s been a tremendous help to look at the science behind my actions and thoughts, and to be able to look at each decision making opportunity with a deeper understanding.


Over time, Rob has carefully pulled away the veneer of who I was and he has helped me to understand and identify who I want to be in the future.


As the coaching journey continues, I find I’m giving more thought to myself and the people around me, enabling me to make better decisions and much less time critically analysing everything I do.  I’m more able to be truer to myself and who I always wanted to be.


I’m now excited about what my future holds."

"I look forward to going on an important journey with you."   Rob Stewart
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