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The Expedition

Individual transformation through group collaboration.

Be part of something that helps you  and others thrive.

Men! Do you find it a bit of a hard grind by yourself?
Is there a lot riding on you constantly performing?
Are you on track to achieve your goals?
Would you like to engineer success for yourself?

Perhaps it's time you joined The Expedition.

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“I never thought that I could have gained so much positive change in myself. Rob has a way of redirecting your confused thoughts into a way that makes complete sense.”

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Feedback 2
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Why is T.E. Helpful (2)
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Why is T.E. Helpful
The Hook
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The Hook
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"Coaching with Rob is like peeling away the layers of myself and looking at things in a way that makes sense.”

The next steps

Step 1- Book a FREE Consultation to meet Rob and find out if the course is the right fit for you.

Step 2- We define your expectations and goals.

Step 3- Rob will book you onto the next Programme.

Step 4- Look out for the welcome email & instructions.


                                     It's that simple 

The next Expedition start on Thursday 3rd October 2024


The Expedition


includes. . . 

  • FREE 30 minute Sample Session for each person joining the course. Check to make sure it is right for you.

  • 6 month membership of a small group of nine men who are led personally by Rob Stewart through a transformative journey using the Six Principles of Sherpa Bear Coaching.

  • Meeting twice a month on Zoom, 12 sessions lasting 90 minutes each.

  • Supporting activities to further your progress between sessions.

  • Completion Session at the end of the course (60 mins) to celebrate the journey.

  • Membership of SBC Facebook Group- a place for support and accountability.

Men! You are worth it. 

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