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The S.H.E.R.P.A.

Rob has developed six principles that you can find him using with all his clients. They represent his own style of coaching and align with his own set of values. 



Serve the person you want to be and take meaningful steps towards that goal.

The first step of the principles. We take the time to look at your life, and/or career as a whole and discussing where you wish to head, or working together to find out what that may be.

An important step that outlines the following journey of self discovery we will be taking together. Finding the meaningful steps required to become more self-fulfilled.



Defend the health you have, whilst defining and creating the health you want.

Looking after your health is key. Understanding where you may need help and support within your health journey is an importance step to achieve as well.

We will take the step to see where and what the health you want looks like, and then how to take the necessary steps to achieve the outcome you desire.



Explore and embrace all elements of yourself whilst achieving your goals.

Discover all there is to know about you. Explore your mental and physical health inside and out. Finding out all that you are and all that have will help to carve out a strategy for getting you where you wish to be.

An importance step that takes courage and strength.



Bring your role model to the foreground to help you guide each and every moment.

We all have role models in our life, they may have changed as we've gotten older but there are always people we admire and respect. This step looks at creating a role model within yourself. 

Allowing yourself to be the role model in your life gives you purpose and guidance for growth and for life.



Find your ultimate purpose and discover the impact this can have on your life.

A hugely important aspect of your journey of self discovery. Discovering the purpose you have, or the purpose you wish to achieve in the future is a huge step forward and seeing the different impacts this will have on your career will be an enlightening experience.

Throughout the Sherpa Principles journey you'll experience a range of emotions and feelings designed to challenge and support you.



Take action in your life with the newfound knowledge, skills and confidence you've learned.

With all the knowledge and power that you discover as a result of working collectively, or solo through these steps will give you everything you need to begin taking action in your own life, your own career, your own jobs. 

By working together, you find the pieces you needed, meet targets you set and discover more about yourself that you knew possible.

The principle of connection

To have a great coaching partnership both the coach and client must feel they have a certain connection. Rob developed the S.H.E.R.P.A. principles to help people understand his approach. They are like an emblem on the flag he lies in the coaching world. 

The testimonials left by his clients are evidence of the connection Rob creates with his clients. Trust is quickly established and Rob thoroughly enjoys working with people who are willing to invest in themselves and create meaningful change. 

Business Meeting

"Without his guidance and sheer ability to listen, digest, and provide feedback, I would say I wouldn't be in the position I am today."

Rob can help you engineer internal & external success. He is the sherpa bear.

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