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I am able to breath and relax more which means I have better relationships with my family.” 

"I took some time to record my thoughts on my own anxiety, how I came to coach people who had anxiety and what the course offers. I filmed in the Purbeck area of Dorset which is full of places I like to visit and get a sense of perspective on life." 

Rob Stewart

Goals & Results.

I am here to take you through a learning process to understand anxiety in a new way.


I will help you achieve your goals and lead to results that will change you life.


Here are a few examples of the goals and results people have achieved by attending my course.


Click on the slideshow to view some examples of the goals and results people have achieved by attending my course.

"You might not treat anxiety, but you definitely helped me to not feel controlled by it, and you helped me to find tools that worked for me." Lucy

How will the course work?

The course is delivered online and there is a step by step process once you book your place.

  • 1-2-1 consultation with Rob to identify your goals by attending the course.

  • Six 90 minute weekly group sessions via a Zoom call led by Rob.

  • Lifetime membership of a supportive Facebook group.

Click through the slides to find out more about the structure of the course itself.

Rob includes his S.H.E.R.P.A. principles in all aspects of his work. To find out more about these click HERE

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You are the Hub of your wheel


A bicycle wheel has many parts but it is the hub that connects all of them together and allows the wheel to turn.


You are the hub of your wheel. The spokes are your job, family, partner, friends, house and many other responsibilities that rely on you.


How you are doing will be felt in the rest of your wheel but it is often easier to put your time, energy and focus onto others than it is ourselves.


Loosening the Grip of Anxiety is a course that will help you focus on your hub and the benefits will radiate out across your wheel.

"I have let go of trying to make a perfect decision and that has been life changing.” NHS Patient

What to do next

Step 1: Check out the PDF & Videos
Step 2: Book a Free Consultation 

Step 3: Decide your preferred course timing

Step 4: Book you place using one of the buttons.

**The next two courses start on Tuesday 21st February**

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