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Helping people thrive

Rob Stewart- The Sherpa Bear

Hi, I'm Rob

I coach people in an interesting and educational way that combines my skills as a teacher, mentor, trainer and coach.


My clients find me because they know I will help them achieve something they have been struggling with and they are ready to have help to achieve what they want.


Working with me brings a sense of relief to my clients as I create a very safe and supportive environment within which to dig deeper. As the Sherpa Bear, I am ready to walk with someone on an important journey and help them find their growl (sense of purpose).


I am an excellent listener and I love to use metaphors, similes and analogies to help relate to the people I work with.

Rob Stewart outdoors
Rob Stewart tool belt

Finding the tools you need

Some of the tools and skills required to create change might be buried a little deeper than others, so it’s important you have the right help to find them.


It is an empowering feeling when you learn how to hone the strengths you have and challenge perceived weaknesses.


As you increase the knowledge, skills and confidence within yourself you can navigate obstacles with a greater sense of purpose and direction. 


You have so many demands on our time and energy that you can easily come a distant second which not only affects you but those who depend on you.


Let me help you thrive or as I put it, ‘Care for the Hub of your Wheel’

Paul Riste

'Every session with Rob was a joy, even looking at difficult bits of me in a completely safe and non-judgemental environment.'


“Over time, Rob has carefully pulled away the veneer of who i was and he has helped me to understand and identify who I want to be in the future."

Claire Stokes

"I found my inner confidence again and I discovered 'me'!

I invested in myself for the first time and I will never forget my journey."

Male Client

"Working with you over the first six months has already helped me improve my personal and professional life and given me the tools to continue to improve those areas."

Henry Gill

With his encouragement we have fostered a much stronger sense of working together, with ‘family’ now one of our three core values. . . I am certain the business is now in a better place."


"One thing that stands out about you is that you are a noticeably supportive listener. . . I am a lot more settled overall, I’m a lot calmer. I have way less anxiety and it just makes life a lot less stressful."

Rowan Wikohika

"If you're a business person looking for personal mentorship and someone to provide clarity and perspective as you traverse the entrepreneurial landscape, Rob is your man."

Pip Hare

"Rob is an insightful, intuitive and professional coach, who has enabled me to grow within my roles both as the CEO of a new business and as a professional athlete."

Paolo Amat

"The transformation in myself and my life, thanks to Rob has been astonishing. Rob is an exceptional coach, I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to be coached by him. 

Alex Moss

"Rob is a fantastic and compassionate coach, who took me on a coaching journey that lead to empowerment and liberation within myself. He worked with me to broaden my own understanding of self and purpose, helping me become significantly more productive, self confident and less stressed."

Joe Sharland

"Robs Coaching has been instrumental in figuring out our company's values.
and has set us on a path to success, and to achieving all of our ambitions.
Rob has given me the tools required to manage my team effectively and to overcome all issues in the future."

Female Client

“I cannot emphasise how helpful coaching has been to me and I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Rob."


“The positive impact on my family and relationship has been the biggest shift for me. I now make more time and enjoy that time with my family." 


“I have learned to appreciate and respect myself more which means that even is something is beyond my capabilities at this time I can still respect that it does not knock my confidence." 


“Rob has an amazing talent for asking the perfect question that will get you thinking and exploring your own mindset and beliefs."

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The first step

If you are thinking of investing in your own personal development it's important to collaborate with the right person.


To find out if working with me is the right fit for you, book a free call. 

Ask all the questions you want about coaching.

Use the form opposite to provide some information about what you would like help with. 

I look forward to talking with you. 

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